ACRES fits your Agricultural needs as…

Bert Schou, President, Founder
Project evaluations by qualified ACRES personnel provides your company with data analyses, interpretations, and a complete final report tailored to your needs. All projects are conducted in a confidential manner.
  • ACRES is a 100-acre station founded in 1980 by Drs. Bert and Diane Schou. Background yields, field history,and soil characteristics are available. Permanent grass lanes and appropriate rotations are used between tests.
  • We combine modern technology and traditional principles of hard work, good communication, and dedication to achieve results.
  • We have a diverse base of silt, clay, and sandy soils enhanced by selective overhead irrigation for assurance of research results for you.
  • ACRES contributes to professional research for agrochemical, fertilizer, seed, equipment, and biotechnical companies.
    Tray studies in the lab provide for short term efficacy on your product candidates.  We offer off season crop growth evaluations for early plant development provide indicators for field test protocols
  • ACRES cooperates with clients to enhance the development of new products and application methods through research and field evaluation. Our experience and international perspective will enhance your expansion into agricultural technology. Our facilities, personnel and equipment qualify ACRES personnel to conduct a wide range of field and laboratory tests.
  • ACRES is a private, custom research company located in Iowa. This is the heart land of U.S.A. field crop production. ACRES assists clients in evaluations and developing products for successful marketing. Tests are done using accepted methods.

Your company can benefit with higher profits and lower costs for research and development by utilizing the qualitative services of ACRES.


Corn (Zea mays)
170+ bu/A (109+ q/Ha)

Soybeans (Glycine max)
50+ bu/A (33+q/Ha)


Loam and silty
clay loam soils
3% to 4% Organic matter
0% to 2% slope


32in. (80cm) /year
Excellent Distribution Irrigation available



  • Setaria faberi – Giant Foxtail
  • Abutilon theophrasti – Velvet leaf
  • Amaranthus hybridus – Smooth Pigweed
  • Polygonum pensylvanicum – Pennsylvania Smartweed
  • Chenopodium album – Common Lambsquarters
  • Xanthium strumarium – Common Cocklebur
  • Ambrosia trifida – Giant Ragweed