IMG_0268A 26 by 96-foot high tunnel (polyethylene-type green house) was installed at ACRES in 2013 for future work on horticultural and other crops.  The center height of this unit is 12 feet.  This facility has a water system installed and has been tested since installation.  In the facility the ground was cultivated and then covered with a black cloth fabric over most of the ground to prevent weed growth.   This cloth does allow for water penetration. This has enabled ACRES to conduct organic testing on plants in this area.   The typical crops are vegetables.  The sides of the high tunnel roll down to provide excellent ventilation and this has avoided mold problems.  Weights and numbers of fruits are measured based on fertility or crop protection tests.  Plant hormone and nutrient-based studies can be done with protection from varying weather conditions.  Watering can be done with measured amounts of water if desired.  Perhaps a preliminary study in a protected environment might suit your needs for a crop protection product.

High Tunnel