• Insecticide evaluations on insect numbers
  • Plant responses to infestations
  • Variety selection and crop rotation
  • Root evaluations with crop protection products

We have been evaluating insect control and plant diseases in many tests over the years.  Root worm on control with various in furrow insecticides is probably best done on corn on corn to attain more root worm pressure.  We use the Iowa State scale to evaluate root feeding.   This involves digging roots in season and rating the feeding on the roots.  Later yields are taken to validate the magnitude of the effects on plant yields.  Aphid and other insect control is often called for later in the season when the numbers reach a critical number.  We have actually used leaf aphid count evaluations as well as taking plants to yield in the case of soybeans.

Disease ratings after foliar fungicides were applied early at the V 5 to V 7 stage and later at the early reproductive stages have also been done on corn and soybeans.  These ratings look at leaf diseases that develop over the season and follow the protective effects of fungicides.  Seed treatments to protect seed in cold soil as well as help it to develop better are another type of testing we have been doing.