• Alternative crop research
  • Germination enhancement tests
  • Management of multiple projects
  • Research review and presentation

New trends in seed treatments and the use of growth regulantors along with nutrient packages can be an area of research for many companies.  The idea is to maximize the growth of the plant early to take advantage of nutrients in the soil and the growing season.  Germination enhancement comes about by putting seed protectants on the seed.  Alternative crops for research involve going to areas where these are grown like canola in Manitoba, Canada for example.  We have been able to plant spring wheat in Iowa which was also done years ago.  However, this mean it must be planted early.  We can look at doing wheat and field peas research in Manitoba as well.   We also have contacts in Northern Europe like Denmark and could set up tests there if needed with a good research facility.  We have managed to locate tests with other researchers and deal with them to provide testing for your company.   Clients have asked us in the past to present research to their company and speak on various subjects and that is also possible.   Another area is we have looked at a number of test results and summarized the data over a number of locations.  Thus, you may have needs for assistance to compile a number of trials and we would be happy to do this providing our schedule permits.  We are happy to advise.

In terms of protocol design we often follow client protocols, but will be happy to design a test if asked to do so.  When we get a protocol we transfer it into a one page protocal for our use.  Next we build a plot map and make sure the treatments are well randomized.   A treatment list comes next with preparation amounts for our sprayer or planter needs at the gallonage requested.  This allows use to compare with the client for the amount of chemical or seeds or fertilizer needed for the test.  Our test costs are based on time, reports, field operations, and overhead costs.   A typical test with a minimum cost would be like 4 replications and 10 treatments for $6000 assuming it is taken to yield and sprays in season are needed as well as some ratings.  We request 50% at test initiation and the balance when the report is sent.  Costs can vary depending on size and complexity  of tests, and a discount is given for new clients on their first study.  For example in 2014, all clients had their data and early report by November 15.